Neisseria gonorrhoeae (nye-seer'-ee-ah gahn-oh-ree'-ee) Neisseria meningitidis (nye-seer'-ee-ah men-in-jit'-id-iss) Neurospora sitophila (new-rah'-spor-ah sit-oh-phil'-ah)

Rabies virus (ray'-bees vi-rus)

Retrovirus (re'-trow-vi-rus)

Rhabdovirus (rab'-doh-vi-rus)

Rhinovirus (rye'-no-vi-rus)

Rhizobium (rye-zoh'-bee-um)

Rhizopus nigricans (rise'-oh-pus nye'-gri-kanz)

Rhizopus stolon (rise'-oh-pus stoh'-lon)

Rhodococcus (roh-doh-koh'-kus)

Rickettsia rickettsii (rik-kett'-see-ah rik-kett'-see-ee)

Rotavirus (row'-tah-vi-rus)

Rubella virus (rue-bell'-ah vi-rus)

Rubeola virus (rue-bee-oh'-la vi-rus)

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