Purine Ring

Figure 6.32 Source of the Carbons and Nitrogen Atoms in Purine Rings

Nearly every carbon and nitrogen of the purine ring comes from a different source.

The starting compound is ribose 5-phosphate, a precursor metabolite generated in the pentose phosphate pathway. Then, in a highly ordered sequence, atoms from the other sources are added. Once this purine is formed, it is converted to adenylic and guanylic acid, which are components of the nucleic acids. To synthesize pyrimidine nucletotides, the pyrimidine ring is made first, and then attached to ribose 5-phosphate. After one pyrimidine nucleotide is formed, the base component can be converted into one of the other pyrimidines. ■ adenylic acid, p. 32, ■ guanylic acid, p. 32

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