Prevention and Treatment

Abstinence from sexual intercourse, monogamous relationships, and use of condoms are effective preventives. Chancroid usually responds well to treatment with the antibiotics erythromycin, azithromycin, or ceftriaxone. Some strains, however, possess R plasmids that code for resistance to multiple antibacterial medications. Effectiveness of therapy is also sharply reduced if the patient has AIDS. As in a number of bacterial infections, body defenses and antibacterial medications work together to defeat the disease. ■ R plasmids, p. 210

Table 25.12 gives the main features of chancroid.

Figure 25.16 Chancroid (a) Lesions of the penis ("soft chancres").These ulcerations are soft and painful, in contrast to the chancres of syphilis. (b) Swollen groin lymph nodes.The nodes are tender, often pus-filled, and may break open and drain.

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