Host enzyme ds DNA (_+) strand

Replicative form (RF)

transcribed into (+) strand mRNA

mRNA translated into phage coat protein ds DNA (_+) strand

Replicative form (RF)


Figure 13.10 Macromolecule Synthesis in Filamentous Phage Replication rise to the single-stranded positive (+) strand and a negative (—) strand. The single-stranded DNA that is incorporated into the coat protein as the virus is extruded from the cell is a positive (+) strand, and it is derived from the double-stranded replicative form (see figure 13.10). ■ DNA replication,p. 170

Lytic Infection by Single-Stranded DNA Phage

Not all phages with single-stranded DNA are extruded. The isometric phage, fX174 also contains a positive (+) strand but differs in shape from the filamentous phages and is not male-specific. This phage goes through a lytic cycle.

Table 13.4 summarizes the salient features of the various interactions of the phages with their host cells.

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