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Wounds expose components of tissue to which pathogens specifically attach. Wounds can be classified as incised, punctured, lacerated, contused, or burns. Healing involves the outgrowth of fibroblasts and capillaries from the sides of the wound to produce granulation tissue that fills the defect. Abscess formation provides a way of isolating infections enclosed by tissue. Anaerobic conditions in wounds are created by the presence of dead tissue and foreign material.

■ Name two substances in wounds to which pathogens specifically attach.

■ Give two reasons that an abscessed wound might not respond to antibiotic treatment.

■ What kinds of wounds are subject to infection by anaerobic bacteria?

■ What is the advantage of the contraction of granulation tissue?

Blood clots

Figure 27.2 Abscess Formation

Detox Diet Basics

Detox Diet Basics

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