Microcheck 107

Methods used to classify prokaryotes according to their genotype include G + C content, DNA hybridization, and comparing the sequences of 16S ribosomal nucleic acid.

■ Explain why two organisms that have identical GC contents might be completely unrelated.

■ Explain why 16S rDNA has proved so useful in determining evolutionary relatedness.

■ Why would it be easier to sequence rDNA than rRNA?

Desulfovibrio desulfuricans

Desulfuromonas acetexigens

Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus

Chondromyces crocatus

Stigmatella aurantiaca

Myxococcus xanthus

Figure 10.18 A Phylogenetic Tree Each branch represents the evolutionary distance between two species. An external node, marked with a species name, represents an organism that still exists. An internal node, a branch point, represents an ancestor to today's organisms.

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