Learning Supplements

Online Learning Center with PowerWeb www.mhhe.com/nester4 Student resources on the Online Learning Center support each chapter in the text. Some of the features include:

■ Self-quizzing with immediate feedback

■ Animations of key processes

■ Electronic flash cards to review key vocabulary

■ Additional clinical case presentations

■ Web exercises encouraging practice of use of the Web to gather and evaluate information

Additional tools available to students through the Online Learning Center include:

PowerWeb An online resource that offers access to course-specific current articles refereed by content experts, course-specific realtime news, and weekly course up-dates.

Online Tutoring A tutorial service moderated by qualified instructors helps with difficult concepts and is only an e-mail away.

Turn to the inside front cover to learn more about the exciting features provided for students on the Nester Online Learning Center.


Motion CD-ROM This


Motion CD-ROM This

interactive CD-ROM for both Windows and Mac brings microbiology to life through interactive video, audio, animations, and hyperlinking. This easy-to-use tutorial can go from the classroom to the resource center to the student's own personal computer. Ideal for self-quizzing, class preparation, or review of microbiological concepts.

Hyperclinic CD-ROM Students will have fun with this interactive CD-ROM while learning valuable concepts and gaining practical experience in clinical microbiology. Packed with over 100 case studies and over 200 pathogens supported with audio, video, and interactive screens, students will gain confidence as they take on the role of the professionals. Student Study Guide This valuable student resource, written by Rick Corbett and Michael Lema of Midlands Technical College, goes beyond the standard multiple choice and true-false self-quizzing. The authors have provided a wealth of study assets to help students truly master the material. In addition to unique learning activities, it includes key concepts, vocabulary review, self-tests, and more.


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