Bacterial Bite Wound Infections

1. The kind of bite wound infection depends on the kinds of infectious agents in the mouth of the biting animal, and the nature of the wound, whether puncture, crushed, or torn.

Pasteurella multocida Bite Wound Infections (Table 27.7)

1. Pasteurella multocida, a small Gram-negative rod, can infect bite wounds inflicted by a number of animal species.

2. Specific opsonizing antibody permits killing of the bacteria by phagocytes.

3. P. multocida causes fowl cholera and diseases in other animals, but many animals are asymptomatic carriers.

Cat Scratch Disease (Table 27.8, Figure 27.15)

1. Cat scratch disease is the most common cause of chronic localized lymph node enlargement in children.

2. Caused by Bartonella henselae, it begins with a pimple at the site of a bite or scratch, followed by enlargement of local lymph nodes, which often become pus-filled.

3. Most individuals with cat scratch disease recover without treatment, but persons with AIDS are susceptable to two serious conditions caused by B. henselae, peliosis hepatis and bacillary angiomatosis.

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Bacterial Vaginosis Facts

Bacterial Vaginosis Facts

This fact sheet is designed to provide you with information on Bacterial Vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis is an abnormal vaginal condition that is characterized by vaginal discharge and results from an overgrowth of atypical bacteria in the vagina.

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