Trichomoniasis ("trich")

Trichomona vaginalis

Not reportable. Estimated 5 million Americans infected per year.

conducting a monogamous relationship with a non-infected person. For others, proper and consistent use oflatex or polyurethane condoms, while not an absolute guarantee or protection, markedly reduces the risk of acquiring an STD.

The list of diseases that can be transmitted sexually is very long. Shigellosis, giardiasis, scabies, viral hepatitis, and many others that have non-sexual modes of transmission cannot be overlooked. The epidemiology can be obscure, as when hepatitis B is contracted from sharing a contaminated needle during drug abuse, smolders unrecognized for years, and then is transmitted to another person by semen during sexual intercourse. ■ shigellosis, p. 613 ■ giardiasis, p. 625 ■ hepatitis, pp. 620-624

Table 25.7 lists some common sexually transmitted diseases discussed in subsequent sections of this chapter.

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