Wild type

Figure 8.1 Base Substitution Shown here is the generation of a mutant organism as a result of the incorporation of a pyrimidine base (cytosine) in place of thymine in DNA replication.The mutation is a missense mutation.

neously from one site to another in the same or different DNA molecules, a process called transposition. Any gene into which a transposable element inserts itself is disrupted, so that it no longer codes for a functional protein. The gene usually suffers a knockout mutation in transposition. The structure and biology of transposons will be considered later in this chapter.



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194 Chapter 8 Bacterial Genetics Wild type


Direction of transcription and translation 5'

C— G— G— U— A— C— G— U— U— A— A— A— G—

Amino acid


Nucleotide added-C

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