Ribosome moves along mRNA

Ribosome moves along mRNA

A C G A U 3'

The components dissemble, releasing the newly formed polypeptide.

Figure 7.15 The Process of Translation


The initiating tRNA, carrying the amino acid f-Met, base-pairs with the start codon and occupies the P-site.

7.4 Differences Between Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Gene Expression 179

proteins destined for transport outside of the cytoplasmic membrane also must be modified. Such proteins have a characteristic series of hydrophobic amino acids, a signal sequence, at their amino terminal end, which "tags" them for transport through the membrane. The signal sequence is removed when the protein leaves the cytoplasm. ■ chap-erones, p. 29 ■ hydrophobic amino acids, p. 26

A tRNA that recognizes the next codon then fills the unoccupied A-site.

The amino acid carried by the tRNA in the P-site is covalently joined to the amino acid carried by the tRNA in the A-site.

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