E. rubeola virus.

10. All of the following might contribute to development of ringworm or other superficial cutaneous mycoses, except

A. obesity.

B. playing with kittens.

C. rubber boots.

D. using skin powder.

E. dermatophyte virulence.


1. A school administrator in a small Iowa community prohibited a child with chickenpox from attending school. He claimed that this was the first case of chickenpox seen in the school in 6 years and that he did not want to have an outbreak at the school. Several parents argued to the school board that an outbreak would benefit the school in the long term. Discuss the pros and cons of allowing this child to attend school.

2. A public health official was asked to speak about immunization during a civic group luncheon. One parent asked if rubella was still a problem. In answering the question, the official cautioned women planning to have another child to have their present children immunized against rubella. Why did the official make this statement to the group?

Critical Thinking

1. A microbiology instructor stated that the presence of large numbers of Propionibacterium acnes in the same areas where acne develops illustrates that occurrence of a bacterium and a disease together does not necessarily imply cause and effect. Why would the instructor make this statement?

2. When Lyme disease was first being investigated, the observation that frequently only one person in a household was infected was a clue leading to the discovery that the disease was spread by arthropod bites. Why was this so?

3. Why might it be more difficult to eliminate a disease like Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever from the earth than rubeola or rubella?

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