We thank our colleagues in the Department of Microbiology at the University of Washington who have lent their support of this project over many years. Our special thanks go to: John Leigh for advice on the coverage ofmicrobial diversity, Mary Bicknell, Mark Chandler, Kendall Gray, Jimmie Lara, Sharon Schultz, and James Staley for their general suggestions and encouragement.

Thanks also to David Hurley for serving as the "guardian" during the development of the substantially revised immunology chapters. He was instrumental in navigating the murky waters as we updated the coverage of innate and adaptive immunity.

We would also like to thank Denise's husband, Richard Moore, who was "forced" to proofread and critique many of the chapters. Although he has no formal scientific education, or perhaps because of that fact, his suggestions have been instrumental in making the text more "reader-friendly." Much to his own surprise, Richard has learned enough about the fundamentals of microbiology, and more recently immunology, to actually become intrigued with the subject.

Once again, our amazing developmental editor, Deborah Allen, deserves special thanks for her tireless contributions and management. While we have no proof, we are convinced that she can leap tall buildings in a single bound. As the "coach" of our team of authors, she always seems to know just what is required to achieve our goals, be it gentle advice or good old-fashioned nagging. Unable to adequately convey our feelings for her talents in a mere paragraph, let us simply say that we feel very fortunate to have Deborah onboard.

Additionally, we would like to thank Joseph Gauthier, Elizabeth McPherson, and Donald Rubbelke for producing new media resources to support us and other instructors who

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lecture from our text. We also thank Barb Block and Stacy Patch, our supplement producers, for ensuring timely publication of these support products. We again thank Robert Allen and Brian Shmaefsky for their valuable contributions of critical thinking and applications. We are also grateful for the skillful assistance of our publisher, Marty Lange, our sponsoring editor, Colin Wheatley, and our project manager, Rose Koos. Rose directed this project through the complexities of the publishing process while always maintaining good humor along with the highest standards of accuracy and quality.

We hope very much that this text will be interesting, educational for students, a help to their instructors, and will convey the excitement that we all feel for the subject. We would appreciate any comments and suggestions from our readers.

Eugene Nester Denise Anderson C. Evans Roberts, Jr. Nancy Pearsall Martha Nester

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