Lactobacillus thermophilus (lack-toe-ba-sil'-us ther-mo'-fil-us)

Lactococcus lactis (lack-toe-kock'-us lak'-tiss) Legionella pneumophila (lee-jon-ell'-ah new-moh'-fill-ah) Leptospira interrogans (lep-toe-spire'-ah in-ter-roh'-ganz) Leuconostoc citrovorum (lew-kow-nos'-tok sit-ro-vor'-um) Listeria monocytogenes (lis-tear'-ee-ah mon'-oh-sigh-to-jen'-eze)

Pediococcus soyae (ped-ih-oh-ko'-kus soy'-ee) Penicillium camembert} (pen-eh-sill'-ee-um cam-em-bare'-tee)

Penicillium roqueforti (pen-eh-sill'-ee-um rok-e-for'-tee) Peptostreptococcus (pep'-to-strep-to-ko-kus) Phytophythora infestans (fy'-toe-fy-thor-ah in-fes'-tanz) Picornavirus (pi-kor'-na-vi-rus) Plasmodium falciparum (plaz-moh'-dee-um fall-sip'-air-um)

Plasmodium malariae (plaz-moh'-dee-um ma-lair'-ee-ee) Plasmodium ovale (plaz-moh'-dee-um oh-vah'-lee) Plasmodium vivax (plaz-moh'-dee-um vye'-vax) Pneumocystis carinii (new-mo-sis'-tis car'-i'-nee-ee) Poliovirus (poe'-lee-oh-vi-rus) Polyoma virus (po-lee-oh'-mah vi-rus) Propionibacterium acnes (proh-pee-ah-nee-bak-teer'-

ee-um ak'-neez) Propionibacterium shermanii (proh-pee-ah-nee-bak-

teer'-ee-um sher-man'-ee-ee) Proteus mirabilis (proh'-tee-us mee-rab'-il-us) Pseudomonas aeruginosa (sue-dough-moan'-ass aye-rue-gin-o'-sa)

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