Acetobacter (a-see'-toe-back-ter) Achromobacter (a-krome'-oh-back-ter) Acinetobacter calcoaceticus (a-sin-et'-oh-back-ter kal-

koh-ah-see„-ti-kus) Actinomyces israelii (ak-tin-oh-my'-seez iz-ray'-lee-ee) Actinomycetes (ak-tin-oh-my'-seats) Adenovirus (ad'-eh-no-vi-rus) Agrobacterium tumefaciens (ag-rho-bak-teer'-ee-um too-meh-faysh„-ee-enz) Alcaligenes (al-ka-li„-jen-ease) Amoeba (ah-mee'-bah) Arbovirus (are'-bow-vi-rus) Aspergillus niger (ass-per-jill'-us nye'-jer) Aspergillus oryzae (ass-per-jill'-us or-eye'-zee) Azolla (aye-zol„-lah) Azotobacter (ay-zoh„-toe-back-ter)

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