6. Tumors are caused by these viruses. A. B. C. D. E.

7. Restriction enzymes play a role in the host range of these viruses. A. B. C. D. E.

8. Prions

A. contain only nucleic acid without a protein coat.

B. replicate like HIV.

C. integrate their nucleic acid into the host genome.

D. cause diseases of humans.

E. cause diseases of plants.

9. Viroids

1. contain only single-stranded RNA and no protein coat.

2. use reverse transcriptase in their replication.

3. are similar in structure to bacteriophages.

4. cause diseases in animals.

5. cause diseases in plants.

A. 1, 2 B. 2, 3 C. 3, 4 D. 4, 5 E. 1, 5 10. Acute infections in animals

1. are a result of productive infection.

2. generally lead to long-lasting immunity.

3. result from integration of viral nucleic acid into the host.

4. are usually followed by chronic infections.

5. often lead to tumor formation.

2. Only the nucleic acid enters the host cell.

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