370 Chapter 14 Viruses, Prions, and Viroids: Infectious Agents of Animals and Plants Applications

1. You are a scientist at a pharmaceutical company in charge of developing drugs against HIV. Discuss four possible targets for drugs that might be effective against this virus.

2. Researchers debate the evolutionary value to the virus of its ability to cause disease. Many argue that viruses accidentally cause disease and only in animals that are not the natural host. They state that this strategy may eventually prove fatal to the virus's future in that host. It is reasoned that the animals will eventually develop immune mechanisms to combat the virus and prevent its spread. Another group of researchers supports the view that disease is a way to enhance the survival of the virus. What rationale would this group use to support its view?

Critical Thinking

1. Would ID50 and LD50 necessarily be the same for a given virus? Why or why not?

2. The observation that viruses can agglutinate red blood cells suggests to some people that both viruses and red blood cells must have multiple binding sites. Is this a good argument? Why or why not?

3. An agricultural scientist is investigating ways to prevent viral infection of plants. Is preventing the specific attachment of the virus to its host cells a possible way to prevent infection? Why or why not?

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