A 85 B 70 C 65 D 45 E

4. Which of the following organisms cause foodborne intoxication?

B. Campylobacter species

C. Lactobacillus species

D. Salmonella species

E. Staphylococcus aureus

5. Which group of organisms most commonly spoils breads, fruits, and dried foods?

A. Acetobacter B. Fungi C. Lactic acid bacteria

D. Pseudomonas E. Saccharomyces

6. Canned pickles require less stringent heat processing than canned beans, because pickles

A. contain fewer nutrients.

B. are more acidic.

D. contain antimicrobial chemicals.

E. are less likely to be contaminated with endospores.

7. Which of the following genera is used in bread, wine, and beer production?

A. Lactobacillus

B. Pseudomonas

C. Saccharomyces

D. Streptococcus

E. Staphylococcus

8. Most spoilage bacteria cannot grow below an aw of

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