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Symptoms And Syndromes

The first stage in the establishment of syndromes is the conceptualization of individual symptoms. Symptoms in psychiatry are formulations of aspects of human experience that are held to indicate abnormality. Examples include abnormally depressed mood, impaired concentration, loss of sexual interest, and persistent wakefulness early in the morning. They sometime conflate what is abnormal for the individual and what is abnormal for the population, but they can generally be defined in terms that are reliable. Signs (which are unreliable and rarely discriminating in psychiatry, and thus tend to be discounted somewhat) are the observable concomitants of such experiences, such as observed depressed mood, or behaviour that could be interpreted as a response to hallucinations. Different symptoms (and signs) often coexist in people who are psychologically disturbed, and this encourages the idea that they go together to form recognizable syndromes. The formulation of syndromes is the first...

Characteristics of the alcoholmisusing population

The factors involved in women's help-seeking have recently been the subject of increased research activity. Thom and Green have identified three main factors that may account for the underrepresentation of women in alcohol treatment.(61) Women tend to perceive their problems differently from men, less often identifying themselves as 'alcoholic'. This may in part be related to negative public stereotypes of female drinking and negative attitudes towards female problem drinkers amongst professionals, who, in the medical profession, are still predominantly male. Women have also been found to perceive the 'costs' of entering treatment differently from men. This is particularly in relation to the perceived social stigma as well as other costs, both financial, in relationships, and in terms of losing their children into the care system. Finally, women often find the services offered to be less appropriate in meeting their needs than do men. Often specialist alcohol services do not offer...

Using Simulation to Infer Motives

A third reason to consider the simulation account is that certain aspects of the process may operate spontaneously. The discovery of mirror neurons in monkeys suggests a possible neural basis for the process of entering into another's mental state. When people observe the goal-directed actions of others, such as grasping an object, it is possible that related neurons and hand muscles are activated within the observer (Decety, Chapter 9, this volume Fadiga, Fogassi, Pavesi, & Rizzolatti, 1995 Gallese & Goldman, 1998). Other research suggests that feelings of empathy may be spontaneously activated in an observer. When people are exposed to someone who is in an emotionally arousing situation, they often spontaneously experience feelings of empathy (Hodges & Wegner, 1997). In turn, empathic feelings, or a feeling of general similarity with the other, may prompt attempts at simulation. For example, a study by Ames (2004) illustrates how feelings of similarity can prompt people to project...

Evolution Defensive Processing And The Self

There is good evidence that many 'normal' information-processing routines have built-in biases, including biases to think more positively of one's own group and kin than outgroups and non-kin, self-serving biases, and sexual-attraction biases (Tobena et al., 1999). As noted elsewhere (Gilbert, 1998b), cognitive distortions can also be linked to a basic defensive heuristics and biases in information processing for example, better safe than sorry. Thus, if an animal hears a sound in the bushes, it may be better for it to assume a predator and run away than stay to gather the evidence. Overestimating danger may lead to the expenditure of effort by running away when one did not need to, but underestimating a danger could be fatal. Algorithms for information processing under stress are thus often based on quick, safety-first heuristics rather than logic or rationality.

From Normality to Abnormality

For each of the preceding contrasts, Yvonne seems to fall more toward the pathological end. Compliments and praise are not enough she must be the center of attention at all times, as she herself admits. Moreover, Yvonne is more sexually provocative than subtle, as seen by her use of posture and double entendre. As she speaks with the interviewer, her emotions change quickly, often in response to her own free associations. Finally, she is inappropriately dressed for the clinical interview. Looking more as if she were destined for a nightclub than a psychological assessment, she is obviously invested in creating an attractive physical presence.

Chapter References

Bretschneider, J. and McCoy, N. (1988). Sexual interest and behavior in healthy 80- to 102-year olds. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 17, 109-29. 19. Sherwin, B., Gelfand, M., and Brender, W. (1985). Androgen enhances sexual motivation in females a prospective cross-over study of sex steroid administration in the surgical menopause. Psychosomatic Medicine, 47, 339-51.

Sexual relationships marriage and parenthood

Long-term relationships and parenting children (at some stage) are generally considered to be an integral part of being an adult. In adolescence, emotional and sexual interest and needs develop, and it is at this stage that most young people start to have sexual relationships. However, in spite of a policy of normalization, people with mental retardation are seldom encouraged to develop intimate sexual relationships. Parents tend not to want it to happen, (1.8 and service managers and care staff, though they may not necessarily actively discourage it, often provide little opportunity, or privacy, to enable it to happen.

Antiparkinsonian Therapy And Hypersexuality

Not all early reviews found that levodopa increased sexual behavior.61 A review of 152 patients treated for parkinsonism between 11 1 68 and 7 31 69 did not find significant changes in patients' sexual interests. Increased Other reviews described increase in sexual interest and or activity in some patients after L-dopa treatment. Barbeau11 reported an increase in libido in four men after L-dopa therapy. However, erections were not sustained, and men had premature ejaculation. According to Yahr and Duvoisin,12 8 of 283 patients reported improvement in motor function with levodopa and increased sexual activity allowing a return to previous patterns. Hyyppa13 reported that 10 of 41 patients, 7 males and 3 females, treated with 4 to 5 g of L-dopa per day for 2 to 9 months reported increased libido. Three men and two women had markedly increased sexual activity. Two patients reported sexual dreams. One person reported a decrease in libido when L-dopa was decreased from 5 to 3 g....

The Psychodynamic Perspective

In addition to repression, hysterical personalities make use of sexualization, dissociation (considered in a subsequent section), and projection. Sexualization, in particular, serves complex adaptive and defensive purposes. W. Reich (1933), in fact, regarded hypersexuality as the defining characteristic of these personalities, suggesting that seduction is used as a defense against the fear or threat of masculine aggression. In other words, frightened by the possibility of violence, the histrionic summons another drive in the aggressor, replacing hostility with attraction. In part, this explains a curious paradox in their behavior Histrionics exude sexual potential but are simultaneously intensely frightened and repelled by actual sexual activity (Easser & Lesser, 1965). At the same time that the little girl is turning to her father, she finds attention-getting efforts to win his approval are made more effective by nuances of seduction. Subtle sexual overtones thus begin to catalyze...

Organisms That Hitch Ride On Sperm

Gonococci selectively attach to certain non-ciliated epithelial cells of the body, notably those of the urethra, uterine cervix, pharynx, and conjunctiva. Infection begins when pili (fimbriae) that project from the surface of the cocci (figure 25.9) attach specifically to receptors on host cells. Pili and certain other surface proteins involved in attachment can either be expressed or not expressed, an example of phase variation. Also, a single strain of gonococcus can express many different kinds of pili by anti-genic variation, brought about by chromosomal rearrangements within the pili genes. This variation in pili expression explains why cultures from different body sites in an infected individual and those from his or her sex partner may yield N. gonorrhoeae with different types of pili. The ability of the gonococcus to express different surface antigens allows it to attach to many different kinds of cell receptors. Also, phase and antigenic variation allow the organism to escape...

The structural theory the dualdrive theory and the Oedipus complex The id infantile sexuality and the Oedipus complex

Freud(4) was particularly impressed by the regularity with which his patients reported the emergence of childhood memories reflecting seductive and traumatic sexual experiences on the one hand, and intense sexual desires and related guilt feelings on the other. He discovered a continuity between the earliest wishes for dependency and being taken care of (the psychology, as he saw it, of the baby at the mother's breast) during what he described as the 'oral phase' of development the pleasure in exercising control and struggles around autonomy in the subsequent 'anal phase' of development (the psychology of toilet training) and, particularly, the sexual desire towards the parent of the opposite gender and the ambivalent rivalry for that parent's exclusive love with the parent of the same gender. He described this latter state as characteristic of the 'infantile genital stage' (from the third or fourth to the sixth year of life) and called its characteristic constellation of wishes and...

Psychophysiological assessment

Paraphiliacs differ from other psychiatric patients because they have deviant sexual interest. Currently, there are three psychophysiological assessment methods that can be used to evaluate possible paraphilic interest. Penile plethysmography involves direct measurement of changes occurring in penile circumference or volume when patients are presented with slides, audiotaped vignettes, or videotaped vignettes depicting paraphilic and non-paraphilic sexual behaviour. Penile plethysmography has the advantage of high face validity because one can conclude that if the patient gets erections to unique or unusual sexual interests during such assessment, he probably has considerable interest in this category. l) Patients use a variety of tactics to conceal their sexual interest. There are a number of drawbacks to using penile plethysmograpy for the clinical assessment of deviant sexual response. One central issue is whether or not arousal responses seen in the laboratory are equal to similar...

The behaviouralsystems approach to couple therapy

Behavioural-systems couple therapy is the approach that will be described in detail in the present chapter, and is the method developed at the Maudsley Hospital Couple Therapy Clinic. It has been expounded at greater length by Crowe and Ridley (1) and like some of the other eclectic models mentioned above it combines two different approaches, behavioural marital therapy and systems family therapy. The behavioural dimension, similarly to that described by Jacobson and Margolin, (19) consists of the relatively straightforward methods of reciprocity negotiation and communication training. The systems dimension is more complicated, and involves systems thinking, structural moves during the session, tasks and timetables for the couple between sessions, and the use of paradox. The method was developed in a predominantly psychiatric setting, and has been found to be particularly suitable for those couples where one or both partners has psychiatric problems in addition to their relationship...

Paraphilia not otherwise specified

Partialism involves an exaggerated sexual interest in a specific part of the body. Heterosexual males have an exaggerated sexual arousal to breasts and buttocks, the body parts that most easily discriminate males from females. Homosexuals, likewise, are attracted to the genitals, buttocks, and chest areas of other males, areas of the body that discriminate males from females. Partialism may also involve an exaggerated sexual interest in a portion of the body less likely to be a culturally supported sexualized part of the body, such as leg muscles, feet, or hands. Individuals with coprophilia (sexual interest in faeces) and or urophilia (sexual interest in urine) generally incorporate faeces and or urine into their sexual activities. Coprophiliacs and or urophiliacs are either heterosexual or homosexual males whose early developmental histories involve their developing a sexual attraction and interest that they attempt to incorporate into their sexual interactions. Frequently, however,...

Early adolescent gender identity disorder

GID continuing into adolescence merges with GID of adulthood. Management issues address the young teenager's continuing gender dysphoria and the consequent social problems. There may be considerable peer group alienation. Depression may develop. School avoidance may develop. Awareness of sexual attraction to same-sex persons may be an additional source of conflict. Parents may be unaware of their teen's GID.

Diagnosis and differential diagnosis

The most cost-effective method of diagnosing paraphilias is to conduct a comprehensive psychiatric history, to use psychophysiological assessment methods to determine sexual interest, and to differentiate organic or psychiatric disorders that can impact on an individual's sexual interest and activity. Interviewing the potential paraphiliac, especially a paraphiliac who has been involved in felonies, requires a non-judgemental clinician. The first step in the interview process is to obtain a client's consent to assessment, with special reference to laws that may legally require the therapist to break confidentiality should a paraphiliac reveal a specific victim that he has sexually abused or a victim he plans to molest. This issue is relevant when a child molester reveals specific names of children that he or she has molested. To proceed with the interview without first explaining this mandatory reporting requirement would be unethical. The major objective of the initial interview is...

HIV and Personality Disorders High Risk Behavior and Disease Susceptibility

Further research will be necessary to test additional hypotheses linking the personality disorders with HIV infection. For example, it is possible that some narcissistic personalities feel a special sense of invulnerability or that they are above using a condom. Dependent personalities might be reluctant to refuse a partner who desires unprotected sex. Individuals with sadistic traits might deliberately infect others. Antisocials might lie about their sexual history or HIV status. Because casual sex is common in our society, those who practice it are obliged to size up their partners for traits that might be linked to high-risk behaviors.

Transvestic fetishism

Transvestic fetishists initially conceal their sexual behaviours and, early in dating experiences, will frequently hide their proclivities to cross-dress. As their behaviour becomes more long-standing, however, they begin to share their erotic feelings while cross-dressed and will attempt to include this behaviour in their sexual interaction with their female partners. The dilemma develops when the female partner is offended by the transvestic fetishist's cross-dressing behaviour and a major conflict may develop, with the female partner demanding cessation of the cross-dressing behaviour. Although temporary acceptance of a partner's transvestic fetishism can occur for a few years, eventually the adult female partner appreciates the strength of her male partner's sexual attraction to cross-dressing, as opposed to being intimate with her, and divorce is a common outcome.

Courtship mating behaviouractivity initiating normal sexual behaviour

Evolutionary psychology attempts to explain the strategies of mating. (24 Its message is not always palatable to modern sensitivities about sexual equality. It is argued that women invest more in their offspring than men,(25) that this investment is a scarce resource that men compete for, and that men can enhance their reproductive strategy by mating frequently. Most men are first visually atttracted to a possible female sexual partner. They look for youthfulness and physical attractiveness in the form of regular features, smooth complexion, optimum stature, and good physique, and they value virginity and chastity. Partner variety is highly desired. Women, however, need to obtain high-quality mates with abundant resources and look for emotional and financial status and security. Clearly the strategies conflict giving rise to different preferences in mate choice and casual sex, and different levels of investment or commitment to relationships. (26)

Course and treatment

Little is known about the natural course of the hyperthymic temperament, except what can be reconstructed retrospectively from biographical and clinical studies. Given their overoptimistic and self-assured style of thinking, these individuals feel perfectly fit in all areas of functioning and thus have no need to consult a psychiatrist. They do so only when forced by loved ones. There are no systematic treatment studies on hyperthymia. Anectodally, (111) low doses of anticonvulsants such as valproate (e.g 500-750 mg day) can be useful in reducing drivenness, deemed to be damaging to the cardiovascular system, or the enormous sexual appetite that places them at risk for social scandals and, in some cases, exposure to HIV infection. (H2) Drug-abusing subjects with hyperthymia can be detoxified with valproate, carbamazepine, or gabapentin. Clinically depressed subjects with a hyperthymic temperament often respond poorly to antidepressants. In our opinion, the efficacy of lithium...


Child molestation is the most common paraphilia brought to the attention of mental health providers. For this reason, it behoves the clinician to become especially knowledgeable about child molestation. Paedophilia involves sexual contact with a child at least 5 years younger than the perpetrator, with the perpetrator being at least 16 years of age or older. Paedophilia involves boys, girls, or both sexes of children activities are limited to incest, non-incest, or both sexual interest in children is either exclusive (only being sexually attracted to children and not being attracted to adults) or non-exclusive (attracted to both children and adults). The DSM-IV code for paedophilia is 302.2 and the ICD-10 code is F65.4. (34) Paedophilia must be distinguished from child molestation. From an early age paedophiles have a sexual interest in children which is compulsive and recurrent in nature. Not all paedophiles are child molesters, although the majority are. Some paedophiles have...


The hallmark of fetishism is long-standing compulsive sexual interest in non-living objects that are used to generate sexual excitement. Fetishism is an exaggeration of normal sexual interest (DSM-IV code 302.81 ICD-10 code F65.0).(34) Males without fetishistic interests report sexual interest and attraction to objects worn by their sexual partners such as brassi res, panties, garter belts, hose, shoes, and boots. Typically, they purchase these objects for their sexual partners because it adds to their sexual arousal. However, fetishism is an extreme exaggeration of an attachment to objects. Fetishists can become sexually aroused to unusual acts, such as blowing up balloons or imagining triangles turning in space, and may go to extremes to obtain fetishistic objects (e.g. breaking into homes to steal, touch, and masturbate with women's underwear). In some cases, fetishists will become excited by specific parts of their partner's anatomy (e.g. feet or breasts) this variant of fetishism...


Masochists have persistent interest in sexual activities that demean, humiliate, or cause suffering to themselves, and they actively participate in sexual activities to reach this goal (DSM-IV code 302.83 in ICD-10 sadomasochism is coded as F65.5).(34) Masochists generally have a few partners with whom they become repetitively involved. Since masochism requires dominance and control by another individual, it is a paraphilia that cannot be forced upon others. Masochists frequently demonstrate some transient interest in masochism to an uncommitted sexual partner hoping that, if they become involved on a sustained basis, that partner will acquire a sexual interest in tying them up, spanking them, or whipping them. In reality, this is an exceedingly difficult interest for a new partner to acquire and, as a result, masochists sometimes join sadomasochistic clubs where it is easier to find a partner to hurt them.

Sexual function

A diminution in sexual interest, a decrease in activity, and impaired performance are the most common aspects of sexual dysfunction in epilepsy. Men have been studied more thoroughly than women. Erectile impotence is a common complaint. The levels of free testosterone, the biologically active male hormone, is diminished in treated male epileptics due to the action of anticonvulsant drugs. Hyposexuality may be more pronounced in patients with partial epilepsy, but this may simply reflect the refractory nature of partial epilepsy and the greater amount of drugs prescribed. (15


Dopaminergic therapy may lead to paraphilias in predisposed individuals. Paraphilias are defined as disorders of specialized sexual fantasies, intense sexual urges, and practices that are repetitive and distressing to the individ-ual.23 The incidence of paraphilias in PD patients treated with dopaminergic therapy is not known.66 Most PD patients had not acted on their sexual interests prior to antiparkinsonian therapy. Usually, a delay was reported between the time antiparkinsonian treatment was initiated and the sexual behavior began.11 A temporal, dose-dependent relationship has been reported between levodopa, pergolide, bromocriptine, selegiline, and paraphilic behav-ior.22,23,66 Paraphilic behavior is treated by decreasing medication dosage or adding neuroleptic agents. Clozapine has been used to treat dopaminergic-induced paraphilias without reduction of antiparkinsonian medication so adequate motor function is maintained.64,67


Speaks with a lisp. Wears animal skins for clothes. Said to be visible to children but not adults. Strong sexual appetite. Blamed for all sorts of mischief, from thefts to sexual infidelity and even poltergeist phenomena. Associated with witchcraft and black magic. People are said to acquire Tokoloshes and use them to steal grain from their neighbors.


Exhibitionists are characterized by recurrent compulsive urges to expose their genitals to another person, usually an adult (DSM-IV code 302.4 ICD-10 code F65.2).(34) Exhibitionists have strong sexual urges to expose themselves that become so intense that they find themselves sexually aroused and making concerted efforts to expose themselves to particular individuals. Although a few exhibitionists expose themselves to males, this is infrequent exhibitionism is generally perpetrated by males against females. As part of the sequence of behaviours leading to exposure, exhibitionists begin by seeking settings where women are present, preferably settings that will not lead to their being identified and or arrested. Once the female and setting are identified, the exhibitionist begins fantasizing, not about exposing himself, but about having some type of sexual interaction with the victim. His intent is not to frighten the victim, although many victims are frightened as they are unclear as...

Sexual sadism

Sadists will attempt to drown their partners, hang or suffocate them, and or brutally whip, spank, or beat them in order to become aroused. The partner often initially sees this sadistic behaviour as simply sexual play but, as time progresses and the sadistic assaults become increasingly severe, the partner-victim realizes the seriousness of the sadist's sexual interest. Attempts to block or convince the sadist to stop the behaviour are usually ineffective, the relationship deteriorates, and the sadist goes on to locate and develop a new sexual partner.

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