Ventilator settings

After the ventilator function has been checked using a reservoir bag on the delivery tubing, the standard ventilator settings are as follows: tidal volume, 7 to 10 ml/kg; minute volume, 6 to 10 l/min; respiratory rate, 12 to 15 breaths/min; FiO2, 1.0; peak inspiratory pressure, 40 cmH2O; I:E ratio, 1:2; alarms on.

Once the patient is on the ventilator, arterial cannula insertion with blood gas measurement will allow further ventilatory manipulation ( S.c,h..u.s.t.e.r.,.1..,9.,9..0). Persistent hypoxemia or high airway pressures should draw attention to the possibility of endobronchial intubation or pneumothorax.

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