Trauma burns and physical disorders

11.1 Multiple trauma

11..1.2..Pathophysioioqy, .oi..ab.d.omi.n.a!.tra.u.m?

J. Biert and R. J. A. Goris llllAssessment

It.l.i.Manaflem.ent of the..chest, ..injury

M. Poeze and G. Ramsay

1îi1;6..Rhabdom.yo,!y.sis., and. ..Compartment .syndrome

C. O'Donnell and M. Gavalas

!1.!.9.Ihe., .ro!e.of surgicai.manaqemenl offractures

11.2 Ballistic trauma


11.3 Head injury

U^AThe .ro!e.of. surgery

11.4 Spinal injury

C. Werner

!.!.4;2..,Managem.ent., .o.f..ceryjca!.. cord.. .injury C. Werner

1M...3..Management .o.f..t.h.o^acg!u.mbaLSPj,n.a! ..c,ord..iniury

11.5 Burns


J. Hammond

11.6 Drowning

11.7 Electrocution


R. F. Armstrong

R. F. Armstrong

11.8 Noise


D. Balogh and A. Benzer

D. Balogh and A. Benzer

11.9 Altitude- and depth-related critical illness

W. Schobersberger and N. Mutz

W. Hasibeder and N. Mutz

M. Maggiorini

11.10 Hyperthermia and pyrexia

11.10..1 Pathophysi.o!oqy, ..offevei

D. C. Macallan

11.10...2 Assessmentoffeyer

D. C. Macallan

11JJI..3 Management.offever

D. C. Macallan

11.10.4 Pathophysiology. of malignant hyperthermia

11.10.5 Management of malignant hyperthermia

11.10.6 Pathophysiology . .of . . heatstroke

11.10.7 Management„ofheatstroke

11.11 Hypothermia

M.-D. Schaller and P. Eckert

1.1.11...2M Management

M.-D. Schaller and P. Eckert

11.12 Transport of the critically ill patient

!.!.!2..! Pathophysiology, .movement . of. the. . critically. ..ill

Ü.12.2 Minimizing .ri.s,k...d,

J. E. Gilligan

Ü.12..3 Equipment ..required .íoLi.n-h.os,p.i.t.a!.tra.n.sí®r

11.12.4 Equipment .required..Mf0LbetW.een-h,0sp.i.ta!transfer A. G. Morrison and P. G. M. Wallace

11.1.2...5.. Personne!.requ.ired.„ffir..transpo^rt

A. Bristow and M. J. Shapiro

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