Therapeutic equipment and techniques

18.1 Airway access

18,1,1iiPhysio!ogYii0f íheJ,n.tMb,ate,d.l„ai,rway

G. Hedenstierna

18.1.2 Preparing the patient for endotracheal intubation

R. Whitta

18.1.3 Selection of tube and route

R. Whitta

18.1.4 Iechnigues of tracheal intubation

R. Whitta

18,1,5iiIheii intubation



18.2 Ventilatory support

1..8,2,1iPhysio.!oflyii0l,ti,v, ventilation

J. C. Goldstone

18,2,2iiContinuous positive airwaYsiiipressure

18.2,3iiNoni:in,vasinye iiposit.lve-pressurei ventilation

18,2,4llIndncatio.ns llf0LmechanjcaIllyentnllatno^

R. F. Armstrong

1.8,2,5iiDeslgn iiandiiifunction ii0fii mechanicalii ventilators

18.2.6 Respiratory rate

G. J. Wrathall

18.2.7 Iidal and minute volume

G. J. Wrathall

18.2.8 Inspiratory time

G. J. Wrathall

18.2,9iRositive iiend-expiratory ipressure

18,2,10.ii V0!ume:C0ntr0!!edlllmechanñca!lyentñ!atñ0n

18,2,11 Pressure-controlledi mechamca! ventilaiion

!8,2,!2.ii Pressure iSuppo^rtiVentilation

J. Mancebo, L. Brochard

!8,2,!3.I EffectsiOf mechainMicia!i .ventiil.aiio.n.ii on theiiicirculatio^n M. R. Pinsky

!8,2.,!4..i Effects ofimechanlcaLveníñilationiion otheL organ function

M. Hemmer

!8,2,!5ii Ventilator trauma

18.2.16 High-frequency ventilation

!8,2i,!7i.I Externaliihigh-frequency ii0sci!lati,0n

M. Nevin

!8,2,!8ii Other nove! modes of ventilation

18.3 Extracorporeal and non-ventilatory support

!8,3,.!i Physi,o!o„,ilC.aIiventiilation Jto.ii support gas exchange

!8,3,2iiExtrac.orporea!ii respiratorysuppo^rt

L. Gattinoni, L. Brazzi

18.4 Cardiovascular system

R. F. Armstrong, G. Maughan

!8,4,2iiPaci,ngi an.dlh.e.i iinÎensiveiCareiiunit

H. Montgomery

18.4.3 Intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation

P. Kallis

!8,4,4iSengstakenii tube

J. Wendon

18.5 Renal replacement therapy

!8,5,!iiContin.uousiihe.mofilt.ra.tion techniques

M. Schetz

M. Schetz

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