Therapeutic approach to bronchospasm and asthma

Introduction Clinical assessment Medical , , history

Physical „examination

Therapeutic,, management oxygen

Beta-s.ympaî,,, agents Corticosteroids



Additional bronchodilators

Mechanical ,,venti!ation Intubation

Sedation Paralysis

Ventilators,, ,,msdes,,,oí, ventilation.i.and,, settings Complications, ,,o,f,, mechanical. , , ventilation PEEP,,CPAP,,Mand,,,aMto:PIiP Weaning

MorialiiyMnin,, asthma,, p.atlen.ts,MU,n.d.ergoing,,,m.e.c,£.a„!...ven.ti„!.a.ti.s^ Extra.corp.orsaLsu.ppo^st outcome

Chapter, References

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