The metabolic and nutritional response to critical illness

G. Lavery

Effects, ofstarvation

Metabolicresponseto stress

Sympathetic, ..nervous, „system,, ,ac,t,i,vi,t,y,„and„ catecholamine, »release Adrenal., fl.lM.c.o.cojtic.oMs,, .in, , critical» , illness

Glucaqon, in, critical , illness Human, Mqrowth,ho„rmS,n,e, jncriiica!,, illness Thyroid,, functionin critical ,|iiness The, role ,of, cytokines EicosanoidsMilipid, metabolites)

Prolactin, nin,ncritic,a],„ illness

The,,, effect,, oÍM,cri,tica!M,il!n.essl,, on,, the,qut Implications MfoLnMtrition.aiMS.MRRO!ÍMin., ,c.^itlcal!Mi!!ness

Structura!,, changes,, inthe, nqut, might ,,R,rom2te, translocation Hypermetabolism,, ,in,c,reasedMcatab,o,lis,mi,Man,d,, ,nit,roqen,lo,ss The, tend.e.ncy.Mto. ,hype.rqlyç.em.ia Mand.MqlMçose. intolerance Use ofnutrients, forMnon-nutritionalM effects

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