The metabolic and endocrine systems

The Hypothyroidism Revolution

How I Healed my Hypothyroidism

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8.1 Normal physiology

8.11.The endocrine ..system

D. Watson

8.2 Electrolyte disturbance

8.2.1 Hypernatremia

8.2.2 Hyponatremia

J. Salmon


J. Salmon

8.2.5 Hypomagnesemia


8.2.8 Hyperphosphatemia

8.2.9 Hypophosphatemia

8.3 Metabolic acidosis

8.4 Metabolic alkalosis

S. Brimioullexs, R. J. Kahn

8.5 Hyperglycemia


G. Bishop, K. Hillman

8.5..3.Management.. ofhyperglycemia

P. Bristow, K. Hillman

8.5..4..M.anage.ment pfhyperglycemicdiabetic.. .emergencies

P. Bristow, K. Hillman

8.6 Hypoglycemia s^lPathophysiplpgy

8.7 Hypoadrenalism

8.7.1 Pathophysiology

8.7.2 Therapeutic strategy

8.8 Hypopituitarism

G. Van den Berghe

8.8.2...Therapeutic.. strategy

G. Van den Berghe

8.9 Hyperthyroidism

D. Watson

8.10 Hypothyroidism

S. Arlot, A. Fournier

8J0.2..iherapeutic .stratefly...for. ā€˛hypothyroidism

S. Arlot, A. Fournier

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