The hematological system

10.1 Normal physiology

K. K. Hampton and C. Wardrop

1G.2 Disordered coagulation


A. Nathwani and S. J. Machin

1Gl.2;2.DiSseminated, intravascularcoagulation

D. Cummins


H. Cohen and C. Ozanne

1G.3 The neutropenic patient


A. C. Nathwani and A. H. Goldstone

1G:3M.2..Manaqem.enI and ..its..consequences

A. C. Nathwani and A. H. Goldstone

10.4 Anemia


1G.4.2 ..Hemolysis

J. Isbister

1Gl.4..3.Blood .transfusion

P. Hewitt and F. Regan

1G.5 Polycythemia

1G.5.1.Pathophysioloqy strategy

1G.6 Sickle crisis

G. R. Serjeant

1G:6:2..PreventionM .and ..managementofcomRlications

G. R. Serjeant and M. Singer

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