The cooximeter

The co-oximeter is the most accurate method available for measuring the four clinically relevant hemoglobin moieties and is considered the standard against which other methods must be compared. Oximetry

Oximetry is a general term pertaining to the various technologies capable of measuring oxyhemoglobin saturation.

All oximetry is based upon spectrophotometric principles that measure the amount of light transmitted and/or absorbed by the hemoglobin moiety. Photoelectric principles allow light intensity to be translated to electrical current, which is the basis for modern spectrophotometers. For example, light of a given intensity is passed through a specific substance and some fraction is transmitted to an oxide-coated metallic surface. The resultant current is directly proportional to the transmitted light intensity. These physical principles combined with solid state technology developed in the 1960s made present spectrophotometers possible.

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