The combined effect of albumin and verapamil

The combined effect of verapamil and albumin has been shown to be additive in decreasing the risk of developing delayed function by a factor of 5.4 ( Table.2)

(Dawidson ei a/ 1994). Verapamil and albumin used together lead to larger urine output, a lower serum creatinine, reduced incidence of delayed function, and improved graft survival (Table..?.). One protocol for using albumin and verapamil in renal transplantation is summarized in Table.4. The beneficial effects and possible mechanisms of verapamil in the transplant situation are shown in T.a.b.l.e.5.

Table 2 Odds ratio estimates for the decreased risk of delayed function after cadaver renal transplant with perioperative verapamil and albumin

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