The cardiovascular svstem

3.1 Normal phvsiologv

3.1.1 The cardiovascular svstem

3.2 Acute chest pain

3.2..2...D¡agnosis and of..a.ngina...pec.t.o.ris

3.3 Acute mvocardial infarction


3.3.2 Diagnosis

P. Sleight

3.3.3 Management

P. Sleight

3.4 Aortic dissection

J. Salmon


J. Salmon

3.5 The hvpotensive patient

3.6 Cardiac failure

3:6.:1.Pathophvsiologv.. oLmvocaMia!.. .failure. and.. .the..

M. Singer

M. Singer

3.7 Tachvarrhvthmias

3..7.!...Causes...and.l diagnosis M. C. Sayers, C. M. Gasperetti

3Z.2...Therapeutic strategv

3.8 Bradvarrhvthmias

3.S.!..causes..and diagnosis

3.8.2...Therapeutic.. strategv

3.9 Endocarditis

3.9.1 Pathophvsiologv and causes

3.9.2 Prevention

3.9.3 Treatment

3.10 Severe hvpertension

3:!0;!.Pathophvsio|ogVl and ..causes


3.11 Severe capillary leak



L. Oppenheimer

3.12 Pericardial tamponade

W. C. Shoemaker

W. C. Shoemaker

3.13 Pulmonary hypertension

R. Rossaint, K. Falke

3.14 Pulmonary vascular obstruction

B. Zwissler, K. Messmer

3.14.2 Pulmonary. embolus

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