Immunosuppression with steroids such as prednisolone is effective in decreasing anti-acetylcholine receptor antibody levels and improving clinical state in the majority of patients with myasthenia gravis. An alternate-day steroid regimen is used starting with a low dose of prednisolone (e.g. 5 mg) and then increasing the alternate-day dose by 5 mg each week until a maintenance dose of l mg/kg on alternate days is reached. This dose is then maintained until the patient has been in remission for several months. The steroids are then reduced slowly over months until a minimum effective dose is achieved. Starting with a high dose of steroid or increasing the dose too fast may cause a deterioration of muscle power before improvement begins (Pascuzzi et al 19.84). However, remission is achieved faster. If a high-dose regimen is contemplated, the patient is best managed in an intensive care environment where respiratory support is rapidly available.

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