Selective decontamination

C. P. Stoutenbeek, H. K. F van Saene introduction

Primary., and, .secondary, .endogenous .infections Normalflora impaired carriage defense and the abnormal carrier state SDD

Topical, nonabsorbable, ..antibiotics Systemic., antibiotic . , prophylaxis Microbiological, surveillance

Systematic .reviews of, SDD.,trials inherent limitations of, SDD indications .fo.r.SDD

PreoperativeSDDin.., high-risk, .suriery

SDD, .in,..acute,..pancreatitis sdd, . .in .. fu.lm.i.nant, . .liver. . failure, „a,n,d„„b,urn,?

Çontro.l.of outbreaks Emergence of., resistance Chapter, References

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