1.1 Respiratory management

1.1.1 Basic airway. management

R. F. Armstrong

.1..d.3...Re.sto.ringL ventilation

R. F. Armstrong

1.2 Circulatory management

1...2.1...Path.0physiol0gy., and. causesM ofcardlac .arrest

N. Nichol, C. Robertson

1.2.2 Cardiac massage

1.2.3 Therapeutic strategies during cardiac arrest


P. Safar and P. M. Kochanek

1.2.5 Post-resuscitation management

1.3 Fluid management

13J...P.hYsiol0flY ..0.fnb.0d.Y..fllUids P. L. Khimenko, A. E. Taylor

1,.3.l2..lh.e.rafieutic,foL .fluid.. replacement

Illllllherafieutic goals

W. C. Shoemaker

1.3.4 The fluid challenge

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