Cathartics, such as magnesium citrate, magnesium sulfate, or sorbitol, have unproven efficacy in removing toxins (Lheureux and Askenasi 1991), although in theory they may help to reduce the risk of charcoal-induced obstruction. However, the intemperate administration of magnesium salts in overdose has resulted in severe toxicity.

Whole-bowel irrigation

Whole-bowel irrigation, employing polyethylene glycol bowel preparation solutions, has shown promise in serious intoxications for which activated charcoal is ineffective (iron) (T®n.§Db§In 1985) and in the acceleration of elimination of intact 'body-packer' packets of heroin and cocaine. Its efficacy in other intoxications is presumptive, although it should be considered in ingestions of other compounds which are poorly adsorbed by charcoal, particularly those with long half-lives such as certain heavy metals (lead and others) and radionuclides (cesium, plutonium, etc.).

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