Protective clothing

The increase in glove usage has been associated with a concomitant increase in glove-related allergic reactions, many of which are potentially debilitating ( Hamann and Kick. ..1994). Communication between users and manufacturers is important in the design of a strong, but flexible and sensitive, hypoallogenic glove.

Special waterproof, but breathable, uniforms are available which provide a further barrier to bacterial infection and limit staff carriage of pathogens outside the ICU.

In contrast with the highly effective barrier of intact skin, mucous membranes are much more permeable to microbial invasion. Unlike the upper respiratory tract, which is protected by mucus, cilia, and macrophages, the open eye presents relatively unprotected mucous membrane surfaces relying on the bactericidal action of lysozyme in tears. While goggles protect the eyes alone, the wearing of a face mask or visors may also protect the upper airway from droplet infection.

The anticipated reduction in the incidence of tuberculosis has not occurred. Indeed, 3 million people die from this infection every year. It may be related to the prevalence of HIV, the development of multidrug resistant strains, and the limited access to health care for those in congregative facilities. When an infectious patient with tuberculosis undergoes a procedure that generates respiratory aerosols, health-care workers attending the patient may need to wear protective air-purifying respirators with high-efficiency filters.

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