Perioperative problems

14.1 General postoperative intensive care

!4..!.1. Recovery..from anesthesia

!4..!.3.Ve.n.tila.t0.ryn .fu.n.c!i0.n.., in ..the .postoperative ..period J. T. Cooke and P. S. Barie

14.1.4.Postoperative, fluid., and .circulatory.managem.ent

14.2 Management of specialized surgical patients

M. Fennelly and G. Edge

14.2.2 Vascular surgery

M.2.3..Ihoracic surgery

J. A. McGuigan and K. Lowry

14.3 Postcardiac surgical intensive care

!4.3.1..Circu!atory .management

J. Lloyd and C. Ferguson

!4.3.2VentNatorY, management

14.4 Postneurosurgical intensive care

M.4;1.PpstoReratiye .protection.,ç

M. Smith

14.4.2..Circu.latory .management

14í4.3..Ve.ntil|a.toryn management

M. Smith

14.5 Post-transplantation surgery

1.4,.5.,1..Renal.. transplantation

14.5:2..Cardi,aÇn transplantation



R. Ruggiero and C. A. Keiier

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