Pathophysiology of sickling

High intracellular concentrations of HbS polymerize on deoxygenating, raising the intracellular viscosity, causing membrane changes, and deforming some of the red cells into the characteristic sickle shape. Such abnormal red cells have difficulty in negotiating the capillary beds and are prematurely destroyed, leading to a hemolytic anemia and flow obstruction within blood vessels causing death or damage of the tissues supplied.

Sickle cell disease presents a wide spectrum of pathology. Hemolytic aspects include the problems of rapid red cell destruction, anemia, jaundice, pigment gallstones and those associated with the compensatory bone marrow response such as aplastic crisis, increased requirements of folic acid, and an increased metabolic rate. The consequences of vaso-occlusion are generally more serious and depend upon the vessels affected, but may include stroke, retinal problems, splenic abnormalities, including acute and chronic sequestration and the loss of normal splenic function rendering patients prone to overwhelming septicemia, pulmonary problems including infection, infarction, and pulmonary sequestration, and damage to the bone marrow resulting in the painful crisis, localized avascular necrosis of bones, and involvement of the femoral head.

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