Parenteral nutrition

G. lapichino, D. Radrizzani introduction

Indications. .for..parenteral feeding lnergy.nee.ds Nitrogen..requi.rement Inergy-nitrogen. .relationship Timing

Energy..and ..nitrogen

Insulin. . administration . . and . adjuvant. therapies vitamins,,. .minerals,.. and. .water



Gas.. exchange.. .modifications. .an,,Hced..the,rmogenes,is


Lipid.. versus. .lung. .function

Lipids. .and ..the..


Special. .problems .a.nd..reguirem.en.ts

Ac,ute..respiratory. .,disea,se..s,yndrome AcMierenal ..failure Acute..liver..faiiure Ad,verse,..e,ffec,ts Toleranc,e...o,f..substrate ..load Toleranc,e...o,f..n,itrogen. load lntravenous.. feeding.. catheters Chapter. .References

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