Pacing and the intensive care unit

H. Montgomery

Pacing., modalities indications for pacing

Bradyarrhythmia.s Jachyarrhythmias Improved „v,enîriculaLdynam,ics Diagnosis

Jempo^a^y.. card]ac.pacing.. techniques Ëndocardiaini vientriculari .pacinlg„leadls

Atrial „pacinqjeads

Complications „assoc,iaied„w,ith „the. „use o,Li,em.Bo.ra.ry.„en.d.o.cardlal„wlrss jransesophageal, pacing Epiicardial„w.ires External cardiac pacing

Problemswith „pre-existin,q„lPerma.nentll systems

Specific c.H.nical„ situations




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