Oxygen transport


Basic physiology o.fo.xygenjranspo.rt

Definitions,, ,ierms,,, equations,,, ,a.n.d„ Ma.bbre.v,i,atio.n,s


Abnormalities,, ofoxygenlranspprt

The oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve Oxygen,,transport,,,patterns ,,in,,,clinical situations Trauma

Cardiogenic,, shock

Sepsisand,, acute,, ,respiratorY,,distres,s,, syndrome

Alternative,, methods Ofassessing the, adequacy, ,,of,t.issue,,.oxy.fle.n delivery

Tonometry: ,,m.onli,tlorin,q,, oLgastric,,, intramMcosal ,,pH

The difference between mixed venous and arterial CO tension

Juqu|ar,bulb„saturatipn Blood,,, lactate, levels

Estimation of Vo

Continuous measurement ofS V

Chapter, References

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