The maternal case fatality rate from eclampsia in developed countries is 0.4 to 1.8 per cent ( Sibai 1990; D0M9.l§?...,§D.d Redman 1.9.94.). Perinatal mortality rates are between 5 and 8 per cent if deliveries under 24 weeks gestation are excluded ( Sibai 1990; Douglas and Redman 1994). Approximately half the deaths occur in the neonatal period, with the remainder being stillbirths. Maternal recovery is usually complete, although hypertension may persist for several months ( Dou.g.las...,§n.d...,, .Redman .1994). Eclamptic patients are at increased risk of developing hypertension and eclampsia in a subsequent pregnancy. They may also be at increased risk of chronic hypertension and diabetes mellitus.

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