Options for stress ulcer prophylaxis

Three common classes of drugs are used to prevent stress ulcer bleeding: antacids, H .-receptor antagonists, and sucralfate. Antacids and H .-receptor antagonists mediate their beneficial effect through raising gastric pH. Gastric alkalinization has been shown to promote colonization of the stomach with potentially pathogenic bacteria, and this provides a biologically plausible mechanism for a higher incidence of pneumonia. Pneumonia is the most common infection complicating the course of patients in the ICU and leads to a prolonged stay, higher mortality, and increased cost to the health care system. Thus, while preventing stress ulcer bleeding, pH-altering drugs may affect the incidence of pneumonia. The cytoprotective agent sucralfate is a weak base, but has no effect on gastric acidity and may be bacteriostatic (T.^ryba.„§nd.„M§Qt®YIStjersl,i98Z). These differences have promoted a lively debate about which is the most effective and least potentially harmful agent for the prevention of stress ulcer bleeding.

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