Normal values

A hypothetically normal adult patient has a body surface area of 1.84 m2, CO = 5 l/min, [Hb] = 15 g/dl, SaO2 approaching but never reaching 100 per cent, and PaO2 13 kPa (depending on age). Thus the following derived variables can be calculated: CaO2 = 20.73 ml/dl and Do2 = 563 ml/min/m2.

The normal Sf^02 is 75 per cent with a mixed venous oxygen tension (Pf^02) of 5.3 kPa. Therefore C V02 = 15.76 ml/dl, OER = 24 per cent, and Vo2 = 132


Calculating OER from the arterial and mixed oxygen contents obviates any systematic errors in CO determination that may lead to erroneous conclusions about the relationship between Do2 and Vo2 which has been thought to be a problem by some authorities.

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