Monitoring equipment and techniques

16.1 Cardiorespiratory monitoring monitoring

1_6J_.2_puJse oximetry

16:.1.4.„Centra!..venous ..catheterization


!.6l.!..6...Mi.x.ed, venous.. oxygen. sa.turation...monit.o.ring

D. Rosser

16:1:7..0ardiac.. output. assessment

H. E. Montgomery, M. Singer

16.1.9.Right..ventricu!ar.. function

H. E. Montgomery

1.6,1.10... Measurement... of.extravascu.lar.lunq.water

1.6:111... Gastrointestinal ..tonometry

G. Gutierrez

16.2 Blood gases

16.3 Ventilatory monitoring

L. Blanch, A. Artigas

J. C. Goldstone

1..6:3:3..,Monito.ring., gas .ex.change..and.yent.i.!ati.on.-p.erfusio.n .„mismatching

R. Rodriguez-Roisin, J. Roca

M. Aubier

1..6:.3.:.5...,Res.pirat.o.ry., system,,mp!lia,nce..and.. resistance

J. C. Goldstone

16.4 lmaging

16.4.1 lmaging the respiratory system

16:4.2..imaging .the. cardiovascular system

G. Porenta, G. Maurer!e.r. .echocardiography... in. ..intensive.. care

16.4.4 lmaging the upper urinary. tract

16:4.5..lmaging .the. centra.!""™ system J. M. Stevens, C. Mandel

16.5 Laboratory monitoring



16.5.3 Colloid osmotic pressure!..monitoring

16..5 7.. . Sputum. . samplingand.—o™.. lavage G. J. Bellingan

16.6 Neurological monitoring

16.6.1 Electroencephalogram monitoring

!6l.6:2..lntraçrania!pressure monitoring

16._6_.3_JuauLajr_ venous.„bu.!b.„m.on.ltorin.g

1..6;6;4..Çerebra|ibloodii flowmonitpring

16.7 Nutritional monitoring

16.8 Specific organ function

16.8.1 ..Hepatic., function

A. Rhodes, J. Wendon

16:8:2..Rena|M function

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