There are tens of thousands of cases of rabies every year worldwide, and only four claimed recoveries. Correct postbite prophylaxis is highly effective in preventing rabies cases. Once symptomatic rabies encephalitis occurs death is virtually inevitable, usually within a week without intensive care. Death from rabies is agonizing and terrifying. Overenthusiastic efforts to prolong life are inappropriate. The priorities must be to relieve suffering and distress in the patient and to protect carers. All patients should be heavily sedated and nursed in dim quiet surroundings. Hydrophobic spasms can be provoked by sudden movement, draughts of air, bright lights, and loud noises, as well as by water (or even the mention of water).

Where clinicians decide to undertake intensive care to prolong life, many cardiac and respiratory complications will occur. Furious rabies is associated with cardiac arrhythmias (usually requiring pacing), myocarditis, blood pressure swings, and eventually flaccid paralysis. Cardiac and respiratory arrest may occur during spasms. The main complication of paralytic rabies is respiratory failure, with inability to swallow, urinary retention, and constipation. Spasms may occur in the terminal phase.

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Constipation Prescription

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