In the United States electrical trauma accounts for approximately 1000 deaths per year and 5 per cent of admissions to burns units. In the United Kingdom there are an estimated 100 deaths and 2000 injuries annually (Cox.l992). Over 90 per cent are industrial accidents in young working males. In a study of 1231 electrocution accidents observed over a 10-year period at Electricité de France, Cabanes.i1992) found a 2.4 per cent incidence of immediate death, probably from ventricular fibrillation, loss of consciousness in 7.2 per cent, trauma in 6 per cent, and burns in 93 per cent. Of the burn injuries, 77 per cent were arc burns, 15 per cent were electrothermal, and 6 per cent were mixed. The overall mortality was 3.3 per cent.

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