Infections and antibiotic therapy

Diagnosis of concomitant infection is difficult because the leukocyte count rarely exceeds 10 000/mm 3, even if sepsis is present. Any band forms should be interpreted as signifying bacterial infection (NjcoJ.Oíflll§D.dllMLO.P.r§stj 1993). Furthermore, these patients are unable to generate a fever in response to such infections, and bacterial infection is the most common precipitating illness for myxedema coma.

Bacterial samples must be taken in sputum, urine, and blood, and broad-spectrum intravenous antibiotic coverage must be prescribed until the culture results are reported. Antibiotic therapy can be stopped if the culture results are negative and no signs of infection appear. If the culture results are positive, antibiotic coverage should be adapted to the infective agent found.

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