Infection and systemic inflammation

13.1 Normal physiology

13.1.1 Immunology

13.2 Infection control issues


13:2:4..s.e.le.ctive ..decontamination

13.3 Nosocomial infection

13.3.2 Prevention

13.4 Infection in the immunocompromised

13:4..1..Dru.q-inlducedn depression. . .of. .immunity

13.4.2..Immune ..dYSíuncíi.on..assoc|a.tedn .with.cri.t.ica! .illness

G. J. Bellingan

13.5 HIV-related disease

13.5.1 Infections associated with HIV

13.5.2 Role of intensive care in HIV disease

13.6 Tropical diseases

13.6.1 Malaria

13.6.2 Other tropical diseases

13.7 Systemic inflammatory response


13.8 Multiple organ failure



13.S;3..Xherapeu.ti.cM .strategy J.-L. Vincent

13.9 Anaphylaxis


13i9; M. Fisher

13.10 Connective tissue disorders

!3l.!0,.! Syst.emic..!upus.nerythematosus


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