Indication for administration of cryoprecipitate

1. Congenital hypofibrinogenemia.

2. DIC with hypofibrinogenemia.

Adverse effects

These are similar to those with fresh frozen plasma. Granulocytes

Preparation and administration

Granulocytes survive for a very short time in vitro and therefore have to be prepared and transfused within 24 h of collection. An effective adult dose is 2 * 10 1C to 3 *

1010 cells, and these are either obtained by leukopheresis or 10 to 15 buffy coats. This dose has to be transfused daily. They also contain some platelets and red cells and they should be ABO compatible and cross-matched with the recipient. Hydrocortisone 100 mg and chlorpheniramine 10 mg intravenously must be given before infusion to prevent an immediate febrile reaction.

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