Ihe neurological system

7.1 Normal physiology

7.1.1 Ihe nervous system

7.2 Ihe unconscious patient


7.2.2 Causes and diagnosis

7.2.3 Management

7.3 Seizures

7.3.1 Pathophysiology and causes

7.3.2 Assessment

7.3.3 Management

7.4 Raised intracranial pressure and cerebral edema

7.4.1 Pathophysiology of generalized cerebral edema

L. F. Marshall

7,4,2lllP.ath0P,h.ys,il0.l0.gyll oLsßa.ce-oc.cupyingi lesions

7.4.3...Diagnpsis, .pfraised intracranial „pressure

7..l4l.l4...M.a.nag.e.m.e..n.t.., ofcerebrall .edema

7.5 Npn-traumatic intracranial hemprrhage


7.6 Meningitis

7..6.1..Path.pphysiolpgynand .causes

M. Levin and S. Nadei

7.6.2...Ih.erafi.eutic approach M. Levin and S. Nadei

7.7 Encephalitis

7..l7l..1.P.ath.pp.h.ys,ilPlpg.y., and.. .causes R. P. Paczynski and D. B. Ciifford

LL2...Therapeutic approach

R. P. Paczynski and D. B. Ciifford

7.8 Acute weakness

7i.8.M1...Pathpphysiipilogyn and. causes. pfneuropathy

7.8.2...pathpphysip|ogyn and ,lçalulse.S.., pf.m.yopathy

J. Coakiey

7.8.5..Specific treatment .for...Guillain-Ba.rré..syndrpme

7.9 Acute myasthenia

7.9.1 Pathophysiology

7.9.2 Assessment

7.9.3 Treatment

7.9.4 Crisis in myasthenia gravis

7.10 Tetanus


M. Hopiey and J. Lipman

7.10.;2.MP.revention .and .management

H. Hon and J. Lipman

7.11 Brainstem death and management of the potential organ donor

7..1!.l2...Managing,, .t,h.e.„B.St.e.ntI,aln .organ ..donor .of..th.e .re.la.tive.S, ..pfn 3...pote.n.ti,ai organ. ..donor

B. Watson and V. Morgan

MMThe.. organ ..donatipn..prpcess

7.12 Sleep disturbance


7.1.2.;2..ThieraßeuticM strategy

7.13 Agitation and confusion


S. Heckers and T. Stern

7.1.3;3..Thierapeuticn management

S. Heckers and T. Stern

7.14 Pain


7.14.2 Assessment

7.14.3 Management

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