Galactose elimination capacity

Galactose is eliminated from the liver via a phosphorylation pathway involving galactokinase. When this enzyme is saturated, the hepatic galactose clearance follows zero-order kinetics and can be used as a determinant of hepatic function. It has been shown in animals to be proportional to the functioning mass of hepatocytes. In this test 0.5 g/kg of galactose is injected intravenously (Iygstrup.J966) and galactose levels are then measured in the serum to determine clearance between 20 and 50 min following injection. Values below 2 mg/kg/min are incompatible with survival and probably relate to extrahapatic galactose clearance. This test has been shown to be able to predict survival in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis and to correlate with outcome following interferon treatment for hepatitis B.

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